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You may now shop for Asmama goods with no extra waiting time, like Spree nor wait for us to import them. If you can't find any of your preferred designs in our Ready-stock collection HERE , you may browse through thousands of Asmama goods HERE . This is not tied with our Asmama Ready-stock promotion. As Asmama only sell to customers with Korean ID, our new Korean partner will assist in the purchases.

For ordering, you may copy and paste the URL / link of the item(s), compose email to cm.slice of style@gmail.com , or download here: Asmama Korea-Order Form (Box.net download, safe & NO ad.). This form can be used as a Guide for your ordering and cost estimation too. Fill-in the details and email to us.

Price Conversion Guide: 1,000.00 won --> $1.25 US* --> RM4.50*
*Price after conversion is inclusive of agent fees.
*Price not inclusive of Shipping Cost: Refer No.2 below.

Same Terms & Conditions apply, with some amendments such as:
1. Minimum order of 3 items or 25,000 Won (~$31.25 US or RM112.50). Wholesale purchase can be arranged. This is Not Spree.
2. Shipping Method: Small Parcel Airmail direct from KOREA to your door-step.
3. Low Shipping cost/order: from RM6.75 (USD 1.90) for Asia, and US$2.90 for US & Europe (weight applies to 1-10 items). Subject to Final confirmation.
4. Payment: Full payment in Advance as this is Not Pre-order. Payment Mode HERE.
5. Shipment: Within 5 working days after payment.
6. Lead time: 1 to 2 weeks.
7. Packing: Small Parcel or Manufacturer's Standard Packing.
8. Origin: Replublic of Korea
9. Manufacturer: Asmama
10. Insurance: N/A
11. Inspection: Manufacturer's to be final.
12. By placing an order, you agree to the our terms & conditions.

Thank you.

KOREA Ring Size Measurement Guide:

How to measure ring's size:
1. Prepare paper length 150mm & width 7mm.
2. Attach paper tightly around desired part of finger, mark with pen and measure with ruler.
3. Following grades are your size. ※Tightly attach paper to finger※ (tolerance ±0.5mm)

Ring Size Paper length (mm)
7 50
8 51
9 52
10 53
11 54
12 55
13 56
14 57
15 58

Note: Man/Lady median ring size - unmarried lady's size: 10-12

- married lady's size: 11~14

- man's median size: 17-18
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