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metal classic(SC61)
USD25.00/ RM89.69 (onwards)
two leather chic(SC57)
USD28.75/ RM103.14

plain mikey watch(SC56)
USD25.00/ RM89.69
slim & mingle(SC55)
USD28.75/ RM103.14

Question mark(SC54)
USD25.00/ RM89.69
white chain watch(SC51)
USD35.00/ RM125.56

thin two strap watch(SC49)
USD35.00/ RM125.56
tecktonic watch(SC48)
USD30.00/ RM107.62

map watch(SC42)
USD24.75/ RM88.79
USD23.50/ RM84.30

wide map watch (sc24)
USD20.00/ RM71.75
vintage mickey(SC35)
USD23.50/ RM84.30
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