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fashion jewelry...

~Imported Korean Fashion Jewelry.
~from Korea & Hong Kong.
~Handmade Fashion Jewelry.
~Mostly made of Alloy & Platinum/Rhodium coated.
~We are based in Malaysia.
Domestic and International Shipping by Pos Malaysia

MSN/email us at cm.slice.of.style@gmail.com
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we'll reply as soon as possible. Thank you ^_^
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~email to cm.slice.of.style@gmail.com
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~READY-STOCK items only:
--> FREE $5 Instant Cash Rebate with every purchase worth $100 in a single order.
--> Domestic Shipping: Small Packet PosDaftar- Poslaju-RM6 /E-Parcel-RM8 onwards
--> International Shipping: from US$3 for Asia and US$5 for non-Asia Countries. Add $2 for Registration number.
~ Blog posts of READY-STOCK Goods HERE
~ Ready-stock RICHBON Goods HERE
~ Ready-stock ASMAMA Goods HERE
TO ORDER: Just email the Item Codes (copy & paste) and your mailing details to cm.slice.of.style@gmail.com , we will revert with quotation.

Products from Korean online stores will be delivered to your doorsteps direct from Korea, by EMS only. Email us for more information: cm.slice.of.style@gmail.com

Effective 26th SEP-2011 (Monday)
W$1,000/750 = USD1.33
(Conversion to MYR(RM) is according to latest Exchange Rate from 'Central Bank of Malaysia' )

We accept PAYPAL (USD) - Bank account, Debit Cards & Credit Cards.
Click on Paypal Calculator to estimate amount with Paypal fees. For International buyer, please use 3.9% for Cross-border Paypal fee.

email us at cm.slice.of.style@gmail.com

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Feature: Spree - 4xtyle Best Sellers 20/09/2009

Right Click on Image to select 'Open Link in New Window' :

Star- Tinkerbell Silver Earrings
USD10.00/ RM35.87
Little Ribbon Earrings
USD6.88/ RM24.66

Wire Necklace
USD5.00/ RM17.94
USD15.00/ RM53.81

Scale Bracelet
USD7.50/ RM26.91
Minipin Silver Necklace
USD10.00/ RM35.87

Tiara Pearl Earrings
USD8.75/ RM31.39
Flower Pattern Hairband
USD12.50/ RM44.84

Decorative Flower Ponytail
USD10.00/ RM35.87
Gemstone Rings
USD10.00/ RM35.87

Stylish Chain Ring
USD3.75/ RM13.45
Tierce Long Necklace
USD8.75/ RM31.39

Vinatge Cubic Hairband
USD12.50/ RM44.84
Beads Feather Hairpin
USD6.25/ RM22.42

Rose Pearl Earrings
USD8.75/ RM31.39
Silk Silver Point Necklace
USD13.75/ RM49.33

Matt Cute Cat Ring
USD7.50/ RM26.91
Multi-Line Silver Rings
USD11.25/ RM40.36

Mini Color Beads Bracelet
USD5.00/ RM17.94
Daniel Henney Necklace
USD7.50/ RM26.91

Slim Pipe Leather Bracelet
USD7.50/ RM26.91
Mini Swarovski Silver Earrings
USD6.25/ RM22.42

Levitt, Friend Ring
USD11.25/ RM40.36
Rolling Rings
USD12.50/ RM44.84

Shining Bling Hairpin
USD6.25/ RM22.42
Silver Crystal Fantasy Earrings
USD10.00/ RM35.87

Barry Rings
USD18.75/ RM67.26
Natural Twisted Bracelet
USD10.00/ RM35.87

Monaco Multi Bracelet
USD15.00/ RM53.81
Simple Cubic Silver Necklace
USD17.50/ RM62.78

Silk Silver Round Cubic Bracelet
USD10.00/ RM35.87
Sweet Out Earrings
USD7.50/ RM26.91
For more 4xtyle items, please visit 4xtyle.com
For more feature on Richbon goods, visit our Spree Blog: KOREA SHOPPING SPREE

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NEWs: More Online Stores Added to Individual Order...

Online Shopping Mall:
~AKmall --> All types of goods & various brands


Men & Ladies Fashion:
~CandyPop --> Female Young Ladies Style
~Heyo --> Managed by a few Korean Celebrities
~Click&Funny --> Female Young Ladies Style
~JinaLook --> Trendy Chick Style
~I am Yuri --> Owned by Singers: Cool's Yuri & Baek Ji Young

Hip Hop Streetwear:
~OneLuv --> Kpop Hip Hop Style


Please visit our Spree Blog for more details on ordering ^_^
Thank you.

*Note: Minimum order amount still applies to specific online stores for free land delivery in Korea. Otherwise, additional USD2.70 (RM9.70) is applicable.

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Feature Asmama Spree: Unique Style Bracelets #1

Right Click on Image to select 'Open Link in New Window' :
샤이니옐 로우초코 팔찌
USD10.00/ RM35.87
샤이니투 라인팔찌
USD11.25/ RM40.36

샤이니블 랙가죽찡 팔찌
USD12.50/ RM44.84
샤이니블랙 실리콘 팔찌
USD2.50/ RM8.97

윤아st화 이트팔찌
USD12.38/ RM44.39
윤호st W&B믹스팔찌
USD11.25/ RM40.36

티~st 써지컬링 크팔찌
USD27.50/ RM98.65
슈주st 두줄믹스 가죽팔찌
USD9.38/ RM33.63

포인트컬러 체인팔찌
USD20.00/ RM71.75
통가죽리본 매듭팔찌
USD10.00/ RM35.87
For MORE Unique Style Bracelets on Asmama, please visit HERE.
For more feature on Asmama products, visit our Spree Blog: ASMAMA SPREE.

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Feature Korea Spree: Soo-Soo Bracelets #1

Soo-Soo is one of the Top 3 sites for Premium Fashion Jewelry in Korea...
Right Click on Image to select 'Open Link in New Window' :

spring key bracelet(SB374)
USD15.00/ RM53.81
noble still& satin(SB382)
USD10.00/ RM35.87

strap bracelet(SB388)
USD7.50/ RM26.91
ethnic buttom(SB367)
USD12.50/ RM44.84

USD14.75/ RM52.91
balentine heart (SB362)
USD16.00/ RM57.40

심플 3라인 큐빅 팔찌(SB342)
USD23.50/ RM84.30
balentine heart (SB362)
USD16.00/ RM57.40
For more Soo-Soo items, please visit Soo-Soo.co.kr
For more features of Korean goods, visit our Spree Blog: KOREA SHOPPING SPREE

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