Dear Friends,

Today's the last day to Vote:
Vote for your preferred store HERE (Above top post on blogshop).
Poll ending date: 20/05/2009 at 11.55pm.

Our previous announcement:
As we are preparing to import our next batch of products from one of the popular Korean Online Store. We would like to know more about your preferred styles and designs as well. Therefore, we are running a poll for you to vote for your preferred Online Store:
1. Please click on the links below, which you may browse through their products.
A. Asmama (Entertainer Style)
B. Richbon (Luxury Style, Working class)
C. Catsgirl (Entertainer Style & Luxury Style)
2. Vote for your preferred store HERE
3. Click on the item you like, Copy & Paste the link from address bar onto your email post
4. Email to, or leave a comment on this post with the link(s).

Thank you for your participation.
Have a great week ahead!
Note: Please be informed that the prices shown on their sites are their retail price. Our price will include our agent fees and shipping cost. For estimation of prices, here's the guideline:
W$4,500 = US$5.44 = RM18.95; W$6,000 = US$7.25 = RM25.20; W$7,000 = US$8.45 = RM29.40; W$8,000 = US$9.65 = RM33.55...
*Prices may differ due to Forex rate.
**You may also send us the link(s) of non-jewelry related items, we will consider to import them as well.